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Flashback: The 2012 Blogosphere

What was the world of miniature wargames blogging like in 2012? Refreshing gdmnw.com at the end of 2022 meant cleaning out the media library. Ten years ago blogging on independent or semi-independent sites was popular and tools like Google Reader and RSS meant that little people could run a website and expect to see a reaonable amount of traffic from people who were interested in what they had to say. While I was poking about in the background I found a set of screenshots made on August 12 2012. 452 of them. Literally hundreds of sites owned and operated by individuals or small groups and all posting about their interest in the hobby. It was ...

New Year; New Update

One of the things I do like about the end of the calendar year is the opportunity it naturally presents to think about where you are. Am I content with my relationships, myself, my friends. Am I doing something about the things which need to be changed? Am I relaxed about the parts of my life which can be left alone?


Blank project post

Where is the gdmnw wargaming blog?

GDMNW is a web design service specialising in blogs and personal sites for miniature wargamers and role-players. We also develop sites for community groups and individuals. GDMNW.com was formerly the home of a wargaming blog. This has moved to new premises at ServoSkull.com. Why not pay the blog a visit?

GDMNW Site Launch – 30 April

We'll be launching the new GDMNW site on the 31 July. We've plenty to get on with until then, watch this space!